In January 2020, Personamen started with a big idea: to create beautiful men's shirts using the best fabrics from India. Every shirt is proudly made in India, from fabric to stitching, reflecting our love for quality and our country.

We carefully choose premium fabrics from top Indian brands, each with its own story of craftsmanship and tradition. Our skilled artisans then turn these fabrics into shirts that are not only stylish but also comfortable.

Since our beginnings, we've grown a lot, thanks to the support of over 10,000 customers across India. Their love keeps us inspired to keep making shirts that they'll love even more.

What makes Personamen special is our focus on quality and sustainability. By making everything in India, we support local craftspeople and help protect the environment.

Our goal is simple: to keep making shirts that Indian men will be proud to wear, while staying true to our values of quality and care for our customers and our country.

Join us at Personamen as we continue to set new standards in men's fashion, one shirt at a time. Welcome to Personamen, where every shirt is made with love, just for Indians.